The Thompson Rivers University Students’ Union (TRUSU) is committed to ensuring students are valued and supported while they pursue their educational aspirations.  We recognize that decisions which impact students often happen in places where students don’t have a seat at the decision-making table.

In order to influence decisions where students aren’t the decision makers, the Students’ Union has created a number of campaigns based on issues that our members care about from affordability to sustainability and more. These campaigns are how we make sure that the interests of students are respected at all levels of decision making. We ensure that these campaigns are strategic and goal-oriented, but most of all student driven!

In the past, the Students’ Union has worked on many campaigns at the federal, provincial, municipal and campus levels.  Whether that means fighting for affordable education, lobbying for improved public transit, or encouraging students to vote. Many of our campaigns are on-going and we continue to work towards our goals, but as an organization we have also been able to achieve many successes. From eliminating tuition fees on Adult Basic Education to making Thompson Rivers University sweat shop free through affiliation with the Worker Rights Consortium, working together as students on campaigns makes a difference!

Not every campaign is won immediately as many initiatives involve long-term goals. This means that moving forward the concerns of students can take many different tactics. Throughout the year you will see the Students’ Union engage in information tables, pledge-drives, visual demonstrations, community consultations, the governance process, lobby meetings and more! By working together, the Students’ Union and you, as members, can be a part of achieving a common goal, and ultimately support the vision of an affordable and accessible system of post-secondary education!

To find out how you can get involved or learn more about our campaigns please contact our Campaigns Coordinator at and check out some of out specific campaigns pages!