Fund the Future Mandates
Funding vs Mandates in BC

Fund the Future is a campaign to address the steady decline in government funding to post-secondary education institutions over the last decade. Our goal is to have the provincial government re-evaluate the formula that is used to determine TRU’s funding level in order to better reflect how our university has grown over the last decade.

Last year TRU was funded $2,000 less per full-time student than any other research university in British Columbia, and the funding situations has been getting worse for some time. TRU now operates on a Provincial Operating Grant that is actually $3,000 less per student than the grant TRU received as a college in 2004-2005. Over the last five years alone TRU has been underfunded by over $50 million compared to the average institution in BC. This directly impacts the quality of programs and services available to us as students.

TRU Per-Student Funding from 2001-2015


So, how does funding actually work?

Funding Levels
Provincial Funding Levels

The Provincial Government provides post-secondary institutions with an operating grant each year based on the number of full-time equivalent students (FTE students) enrolled at that institution multiplied by the amount of funding that the government gives per student.

Underfunding at TRU means that the provincial government pays for only 46% of TRU’s budget while students pay 44% in tuition fees. At other institutions such as UNBC the government pays for 63% of the budget and students only make up 23% of the budget through tuition fees. This means that students and their families are paying the price for underfunding at TRU through increased tuition fees and reduced quality of education.

This funding burden cannot keep getting pushed onto the backs of students and their families. It’s time for change. Your elected student representatives will be out on campus this fall asking for your signature in support of re-evaluating TRU’s funding formula. Let’s work together to make sure our education is accessible and high quality!

To see a more detailed breakdown of TRU’s funding level compared to institutions across the province, as well as our funding level compared to other institutions with similar mandates, check out the graphs on the side.

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Fund the Future Petition

  • Because TRU has been underfunded by $50 million compared to the average institution in BC over the last five years;
    Because inadequate funding means reduced student services, larger classes, and higher fees;
    Because TRU contributes an estimated $198 million to the regional economy and is vital to our collective economic future;
    Because the TRU funding formula has not been reviewed in over a decade;

    I call on the BC provincial government to reevaluate the funding formula for TRU to reflect its mandate.





The Campaigns committee has been making presentations to campus departments and staff units regarding the Fund the Future campaign. Below is a list of presentations that we have completed so far. Would you like us to present to your campus group? Contact us at

Group Date
Faculty of Nursing 29-Aug-16
Information Technology Services 31-Aug-16
TRU Environment and Sustainability 14-Sep-16
TRU Marketing and Communications 14-Sep-16
Student Awards and Financial Aid 14-Sep-16
TRU Library 16-Sep-16
Faculty of Law 19-Sep-16
Marketing, Communications, and Internal Relations Committee 22-Sep-16
Science Faculty Council 22-Sep-16
Faculty of Student Development 22-Sep-16
TRU World 23-Sep-16
Integrated Planning and Effectiveness 28-Sep-16
Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts, and Tourism 28-Sep-16
School of Business and Economics 30-Sep-16
Human Resources 12-Oct-16
Office of Research and Graduate Studies 12-Oct-16
CUPE Annual General Meeting 12-Oct-16
Faculty of Education and Social Work 18-Oct-16
The Gathering Place 19-Oct-16
TRU Advising 20-OCt-16
TRU Finance 15-Nov-16
Arts Faculty Council 25-Nov-16