Over the next year we will be making over 150 community presentations across the university region in Kamloops, Ashcroft, Williams Lake, Chase, and everywhere in between. We will be presenting to municipal governments, businesses, non-profit organizations, religious organizations, aboriginal bands, and more to talk about underfunding at TRU and how we can work together to fix this problem. Below is a list of every group we have presented to so far.

Would you like us to present to an organization that you are part of? Contact us at campaigns@trusu.ca



Faculty of Nursing 29-Aug-16
Information Technology Services 31-Aug-16
TRU Environment and Sustainability 14-Sep-16
TRU Marketing and Communications 14-Sep-16
Student Awards and Financial Aid 14-Sep-16
TRU Library 16-Sep-16
Faculty of Law 19-Sep-16
Marketing, Communications, and Internal Relations Committee 22-Sep-16
Science Faculty Council 22-Sep-16
Faculty of Student Development 22-Sep-16
TRU World 23-Sep-16
Integrated Planning and Effectiveness 28-Sep-16
Faculty of Adventure, Culinary Arts, and Tourism 28-Sep-16
School of Business and Economics 30-Sep-16
Human Resources 12-Oct-16
Office of Research and Graduate Studies 12-Oct-16
CUPE Annual General Meeting 12-Oct-16
Faculty of Education and Social Work 18-Oct-16
The Gathering Place 19-Oct-16
TRU Advising 20-OCt-16
TRU Finance 15-Nov-16
Arts Faculty Council 25-Nov-16
Trades and Technology Faculty Council 14-Dec-16