Food options on campus are leaving students hungry for choice.

We’re hungry for better value, competitive prices, and quality food. Hungry for longer hours and a vibrant campus life. Hungry for dining options from quick coffees to class break snacks to sit-down meals. Hungry for variety in ethnic foods, dietary accommodations, and nutritional choices.

So why isn’t campus serving up choice?

The lack of campus food choices is the result of a lack of campus food providers. The lack of providers is a choice that TRU made. TRU awards multi-year food service contracts that give one company exclusive rights to sell to the whole campus!1

Each food service outlet on campus is operated by the same company – in many cases serving the same food items prepared in the same kitchens. If you aren’t satisfied, you can’t take your business elsewhere on campus. When you have few alternatives, the provider has little incentive to better meet your needs and expectations.

The solution is clear – competition is choice.

The most effective and consistent way to better food service is to ditch our take-it-or-leave-it system and become empowered consumers with choice between competitors. Those competitors will need to strive to offer us the best menu on campus if we can vote with our wallets every day!

That’s why we are calling on TRU to take immediate action to introduce competition to campus food services.

Are you hungry for choice? Join the call. Sign the petition.

Hungry for Choice Petition

  • Because campus food services lack value, competitive prices, and food quality;

    Because campus food services do not provide the variety to satisfy tastes, reflect cultural diversity, provide for nutritional choices, or accommodate dietary needs and restrictions;

    Because campus food service hours of operation do not meet students’ schedules or support a vibrant campus life;

    Because only consumer choice between competing food providers can provide the consistent incentive to meet the above needs and expectations;

    I call on Thompson Rivers University to take immediate action to introduce competition to campus food services.




The Students’ Union Building and Culinary Arts Building are the only exceptions