TRUSU uses lobby work to advocate for students at TRU and to educate decision makers on how their policies, budgets, and day-to-day decisions affect students at TRU. The primary way that we lobby for you is through participating in budget submissions at the institutional, municipal, provincial, and federal levels. Get in touch with us at if you would like more information on our lobby work.



The University has responsibility for countless issues that affect students on a regular basis in their classes, on campus, and even in the community. These issues include everything from program offerings, tuition fee levels, parking, landscaping, and more! One important way that we lobby the institution each year is through the Student Budget Consultation where we get your feedback and use that information to influence the University’s Budget Development Process. Click here to find out more about the Student Budget Consultation.



The municipal government has responsibility for many issues that affect students in their daily lives. These include transit and other forms of transportation, affordable housing, recreation facilities, and green space. The municipal budget consultation is generally held in a townhall format each October. Check out our Newsfeed in the fall to keep up to date on how you can participate.



The provincial government has primary responsibility over the affordability and accessibility of post-secondary education. This includes legislating how institutions set tuition fees, determining funding levels for institutions, and providing financial aid to students. The provincial government accepts input to the budget each fall through the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. You can download our latest submission here.



The federal government has a role in a wide range of issues that impact students. The federal government provides student loans and need-based grants to students across the country. The federal government also indirectly funds a significant portion of institutional budgets through block transfers to each province. TRUSU will be participating in the 2017 federal budget consultation, check out our Newsfeed in February for more information.