Now is our chance! Have your say on food at TRU.

There is an important connection between food and community. Food shapes our health. It fuels our success in class and at work. It is part of who we are and our diverse cultures, and it supports the vibrant campus life our university hopes to build.

That’s why we are excited to invite you to share your food experiences, needs, and ideas in the TRU food service consultation! Sign up now!

TRU is hungry for choice – and we’ve worked to deliver it

For several years, students have ranked food service as a top priority for improvement in the TRUSU Student Budget Consultation. We listened, and committed to make your calls for change a reality.

The first steps – food trucks, hours, dietary info, etc.

We first launched the Hungry for Choice campaign in September 2016. At that time, the campaign had two goals. The first was to improve the existing campus food service provided by one company with an exclusive contract. The second was to transform the food service system by introducing competition to provide consumer power over food price, quality, variety, hours, and more.

We hosted the first ever campus food truck festival to kick off the campaign, and students, faculty, and staff eagerly enjoyed a taste of what variety and options in campus food could offer. In response, the campus community provided hundreds of petition signatures in support of the call to make competition between multiple food providers a permanent feature of the campus experience.

Your support paid off! By December 2016, the university administration had agreed to allow food trucks to regularly serve the campus, along with other commitments to improve the existing food services through longer hours, more options, and better information.

The turning point – reclaiming our food, our choice, our contract

Together, we had made progress on food service. but the Student Budget Consultation results continued to show there was more work to do.

In 2017, the Hungry for Choice campaign seized upon a unique opportunity to rethink the future of food at TRU. The vast majority of food services at TRU are provided by one contracted company, but after a five-year term the current contract would expire in April 2018. We worked to ensure that everyone would have a voice in any new or renewed contract. Our community rallied.

We were proud to present 1,691 petition signatures, 89 personal messages, and 28 campus group endorsements to the TRU Board of Governors requesting a full consultation on the food service contract. Happily, the Board listened to its community and a food service consultation was won!

Our chance to shape our food – sign up now!

Getting a food service consultation was an important first step. We now have the chance to be heard, and we need to make the most of it.

A TRU Food Service Review Committee has been formed with representatives of students, faculty, staff, and administrators. This summer they have been working to hire a consultant and develop a consultation plan. Starting September, the community will finally get our say.

Over 1,600 students, faculty and staff have already signed up to help shape campus food service. Join them!  

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