Elections are about deciding our priorities for the future. We have set up video interviews with each of the candidates running in the 2018 municipal election. We have asked them questions about their backgrounds, their priorities, and other specific issues to help you decide who you believe should represent you as Mayor and on City Council.

Click on any of the videos below to get to know your local candidates. You can also find links to contact each candidate and a short bio on who they are.

Candidates for Mayor

Ken Christian

Ken pursued his formal education at the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Cariboo College and eventually the University of Victoria.  His 37 year career in Public Health in the Kamloops region saw him start as Public Health Inspector and Licensing Officer. He became the Chief Environmental Health Officer in Kamloops and then Manager of Environmental Health with the Thompson Health Region and ultimately the Regional Director of Health Protection with the Interior Health Authority.  In recent years his interests have turned to public policy development, administrative law, sustainability, social determinants of health and the relationship between health and the built environment.

A Kamloops resident for over 40 years, Ken has served his community as an elected representative continuously since 1993, 18 years as a School Trustee on the Kamloops Thompson Board of Education, including 8 years as Chairman.  Ken was first elected to Kamloops City Council in 2011 and was re-elected in 2014.  In 2017 he was elected in a by-election to serve as Kamloop’s 40th Mayor.

Throughout the years Ken has coached and refereed basketball and volunteered in numerous positions.  In his spare time Ken enjoys golf, sports and the Shuswap.  Ken and his wife Brenda live in Juniper Ridge and have three adult children Nic, Jon and Taryn.

William Turnbull


– William James Turnbull: Investor / Philanthropist / Humanitarian

– Creator of Turnbull Humanitarian Foundation & KNA Nexus Group: Meaning & Purpose: Gather Allies – Determine a Course of Action – Implement the Process – For the betterment of all.

– Tradesman Experience: Construction, Electrical, Plumbing & Gas Fitting

– Northwest Community College, Vancouver Island University, British Columbia Institute of Technology 

– Boards, Committees & Memberships: Community Action Team, Changing the Face of Poverty, Poverty Reduction Strategy Committee, Kaleidoscope Support Association, Western Canada Renewable Energy Association, VP Strata Council, VP Morning Sun Toastmasters, President Kamloops Downtown Neighbourhood Association, Facilitator Kamloops Neighbourhood Association

– From Williams Lake, BC (20 years). Live in Kamloops (11 years).

Candidates for City Council

Jennifer Adams

My name is Jennifer Adams, I am 48 and a proud mother to four daughters. You may recognize my name, I ran for Kamloops city council in 2017 and have attending many council meeting and forums in the community.

I was born in Cranbrook BC, moving to Kamloops in 2011.  I fell in love with the generous and compassionate people of Kamloops, our beautiful rivers, and our music and art scene. I attend Music In The Park faithfully, have a dog named Blue and rent a beautiful heritage home downtown.

I recently worked for AXIS Family Resources in residential care for ministry youth. Over my life time I have owned and operated a number of companies. I have experience as a real estate investor and landlord and had a fledgling development company. I also ran and operated a successful soap manufacturer company, and an insurance restoration company. I have a deep interest in law, civil rights, social justice and protecting the environment.

I currently serve the residents of Kamloops on the City’s Social Planning Council, the Downtown Neighbourhood Association (DNA). I serve the KTC NDP membership as secretary and sat on the executive of the BC NDP when in opposition.

Nicholas Adams

I have lived in Kamloops for 24 years and resided in many of the communities that make up Kamloops and currently reside on the North Shore.  I have founded and run businesses and nonprofits in Kamloops and worked with many great people.

Growing up here I was instilled with a love of community service. I was able to see what our community gains from the hard-working people who volunteer their time to help us all flourish. As an adult, I have continued to enjoy helping our community. I am extremely proud to have been involved in the establishment of Kamloops Makerspace and involvement in many other community groups and events.

The groups and clubs available to the youth of our community helped to shape me into the person I am today. The Royal Canadian Air Cadet Program taught me leadership, self-reliance and effective speaking. The Westsyde Drag Racing Club taught me sportsmanship and mechanical skills that serve me every day. Programs like these forged relationships that continue to this day.

I am running for city council because I would like to give back to the community. Kamloops has offered me great opportunities and I would like to see our city continue to thrive.

Website Facebook Email (250) 320-1643

Dale Bass

Dale, her husband and four of their five children moved to Kamloops in 1999 from Ontario. 

Dale’s first community involvement was head of SD73’s parent advisory council. 

Through the years, she has been in boards if Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association, Kamloops Society for Community Living (now Inclusion Kamloops), Volunteer Kamloops, Kamloops Family Resource Society and currently the Kamloops Child Development Centre.

She was an award-winning journalist with Kamloops This Week for 18 years, taking an early retirement this month. There, she reported and opined on many topics from education to social issues to her viewpoints on City Hall. 

She has always believed if one criticizes, one should also be part of the solution and now, no longer being that watcher as a reporter, she wants to be just that. 

Website Email (250) 572-4620

Chris Bose


I am a father, a workshop facilitator, educator, artist, community leader, traditional knowledge carrier, filmmaker, mentor and much more. I have spent most of my life in the city of Kamloops and I have seen and been through a lot here in town. Working throughout the city in various organizations and the school district has helped me give back to the community in sharing knowledge and experience as well as creating opportunities not just for youth, but everyone I possibly can in this place we call home. My goals is to continue with this journey in city council and represent those that feel haven’t been heard or seen in a long time and are hungry for a change. It is time for more inclusion.


Donovan Cavers

Donovan Cavers was first elected to Kamloops City Council in 2011 and re-elected in 2014. He is a TRU student working towards a B. Ed. A daily transit rider. And an active proponent of a diversified transportation network in the community. Please vote on October 20th or in the advanced polls.

Corally Delwo

My name is Corally Delwo. A little bit about me. I am a 43 year old wife, mother and entrepreneur. I was born in Calgary Alberta and raised in Grande Prairie Alberta. I have been in the Kamloops area since 2009. As a child and young adult I spent time in the Okanagan including the Kamloops area and fell in love with it! On my many journeys I met my amazing husband Aaron. Lucky for me he was raised in Kamloops and in 2009 we decided to make it our permanent home. Since then I have been truly blessed and fortunate enough to have the opportunity to raise our 3 amazing kids here. I am proud to be the mother of our 2 girls Summer (20) and Brooklyn (16) and our son Zachery (12).

I attended TRU from 2009-2011, taking the U-Prep program and then the Respiratory Therapy program. I, however, got the entrepreneurial bug and decided to open my own business in 2013. From 2013-2016 we owned a tanning salon and spa. Now I work from home running our own company in oil and gas and taking on city council.


Ray Dhaliwal

Did not respond to requests for interviews or biographies. 

Dieter Dudy


No biography submitted

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Dennis Giesbrecht

I am running for council because I always believe people should be willing to step up. Action will always overshadow words. This is a mantra I try to instill in my kids as we must always strive to set a good example.

My background is primarily in industry as crew and supervisor. I believe the working families in Kamloops have been underrepresented. Getting up, grabbing the lunch box and getting the job done is a hallmark of the people here. City hall must show the same respect toward the hard earned tax revenue it collects.

People want to feel safe in the streets and parks, this is why I along with Caroline launched the needle buy back, the 2 of us removed over 10,000 used needles from the city.  This shows the power of small groups to improve our city in measurable ways. This is why councillors should and must be willing to attend community associations though out the city, supporting grass roots initiatives will be a corner stone of my policies.

I am asking for your support to help make Kamloops the place to live, invest and raise a family in that we all know it can be. 


Shawn Harnett

Thirteen years ago, when I found out I was going to be a father I moved to Kamloops. After only 3 years growing a small business and becoming intertwined in the community, I knew I would never leave. What came next was another child, more small businesses, an entrepreneurial award and now today I work as the General Manager of Food and Beverage, overseeing 3 small businesses: Romeo’s Kitchen, Coast Kamloops Conference Centre and Uptown Chefs Catering and Events. I also have interest in 2 other local small businesses: Kamloops Billiards Club (shareholder) and thesaucery.ca which is a shared venture with my 2 children Lucilea and Shawn aged 11 and 9.
Email (250) 572-3462

Sadie Hunter

I moved to Kamloops 17 years ago as a young, single parent to create new opportunities for my family. Since then I’ve completed three university degrees and worked a wide range of jobs from natural gas pipelines to educational program delivery, from editor to fundraiser.

The one constant in all of my varied experiences was (and is) the power of community. People coming together to build community and communities coming together to build people.

With my academic skills and life experience I’ll to bring a unique and reasoned perspective to council. It’s my way of helping the community that came together to help build my dreams.

I want to build a safe and open community for all generations, one with increased access to employment, mobility and community enjoyment, a business-friendly city, one with equitable taxation policies, and a city where all citizens have access to safe and affordable homes–across the entire spectrum of need.

It’s time to decide what kind of community we want Kamloops to be—I see an inspired, inclusive and innovative community full of opportunity.

Jimmy Johal


I was born and raised in Kamloops, in a low-income household, by a single mother who had to work 2 minimum wage jobs to get by.  When it was time to go to University, I worked and studied hard, and took out student loans to complete my education.  I attended TRU when it was known as UCC, and then completed my accounting program at BCIT in Burnaby, BC.  That’s why I strongly believe that every person, regardless of where they come from, deserves an opportunity to thrive. 

I’m a small business owner, and at one time, I was the youngest Licensed Residential Builder in Kamloops.  I’m also the former Regional Manager of 11 retail stores.  I’ve managed a staff of over 150.  Our current council has been very weak on the economic front.  That’s why the next council needs a proven business leader like me.  With my accounting, small business, and construction experience, I’d bring a unique set of skills to council – skills that would help with creating more high-paying jobs and careers here.  

My wife and I are raising our 3 year old son here.  We want to raise him in a city that’s safe, healthy, and thriving.  I want to give back to the community that gave me so much.

Website Facebook Email (250) 318-0009

Stephen Karpuk

I have lived in, gone to school and worked in Kamloops for almost 40 years and I love it.  I am married to my best friend, Kathleen Karpuk (a School Trustee in SD 73) for 21 years.  We are proud parents of three great kids.  I started my business in Kamloops 15 years ago and I have been an active Rotarian since 2004. 

My educational background includes graduating from Kam High in 1987, then UCC (B.Sc. UBC, ’94), followed by my Masters studies at the School of Resource and Environmental Management at SFU (‘95-‘98).  My work experience has included forest ecology, planning and dispute resolution.  In 1999, I graduated with my Doctor of Chiropractic in 2003. 

I believe in accountability, transparency and fiscal responsibility.  I believe my strengths are my ability to work well with others, seeing the big picture and having an open mind.  I think Kamloops has so many assets in our people and resources.  I know we can achieve a healthy, active and prosperous community that will make Kamloops a desired place to live, work and play for many generations to come. 

I welcome your vote and thank you for your consideration.


Caroline King

I am a wife and mother to two amazing boys, Ethan who is 20 and Corbin who is 15. My husband Mike owns and operates his own business right here in Kamloops with the hopes that our boys will one day have the same opportunity.

I have owned homes and lived in many different neighborhoods over the years and one thing has always stayed constant, Kamloops is my home.

My work experience includes managing my past rental properties, office administration and in health care as an RCA working in palliative care and with persons with disabilities. I have been an active community volunteer for nearly two decades working closely with our cities most vulnerable, something I am very passionate about. 

I have always been interested in politics and became more involved several years ago working on local issues that I felt lacked a representation at the civic level. 

Alison Klie

My name is Alison Klie. I am a young, female, red seal electrician. I was born and raised in Kamloops and want to do whatever I can to help it prosper and grow. I’m focusing on the revitalization of the Kamloops cores, local and union employment, and transparency in government. I have felt disenfranchised with government for a long time but I realized that you can’t have a voice if you’re not in the room. So I decided to run for local office to hopefully give a voice to my piers and help alleviate some of the disconnect that I know exists between youth and government. I am always ready to learn and grow as a person and I would bring a positive attitude and passionate voice to city council. I would like to close the gap between council and the citizens and that starts with better communication, I’m always happy to hear from my fellow Kamloopsians and hope to have more chances to meet and talk with you in person. Thank you for reading!

Mike O’Reilly

My name is Mike O’Reilly and I am asking for your vote on October 20th to become your city councillor. 

I am the proud owner of Caffe Motivo and have called Kamloops home for over 30 years. I have lived in many neighbourhoods throughout the city. I spent most of my teenage years in low income and government subsidized housing and have a true understanding of the importance of keeping Kamloops affordable. We must keep Kamloops affordable for the people that call Kamloops home. 

For the past 10 years, in both my role as the New Business Attraction Manager at Venture Kamloops, and through my own businesses, I have worked on job creation in Kamloops. During the past decade I have sat on multiple volunteer boards and organizations including the following:

Kamloops Downtown Business Improvement Association – President

Kamloops MS Society – President

BC/Yukon MS Society – Government Relations Committee Chair

Kamloops Fusion Rotaract – President

Kamloops Exploration Group – Board Member

My experience in business and leading multiple non-profit organizations throughout the city and province has given me the tools needed to help lead Kamloops.  I have been able to bridge the gap between the left and right, the north and south, and the East and West.

Email (250) 319-0769

Bill Sarai

My name is Bill Sarai. I have been a letter carrier for Canada Post for 30 years, proudly serving the Kamloops community for 24 of these years. Being a letter carrier and being able to connect with members of the community daily has opened my eyes up to some of the issues facing the average Kamloops citizen which has inspired me to run City Council. 

My platform revolves around promoting fiscal responsibility and transparency at City Hall. I believe that we need to be accountable to our citizens in ensuring safe infrastructure exists throughout the city year round. This includes roads free from pot holes, sidewalks in all neighbourhoods and adequate snow plow budgets in the winter to ensure the safety and mobility for all citizens. 

I have served three years on the Kamloops Social-Planning Council, been a member on PAC committees, coached youth soccer teams and have been a member on executive committees for Norbrock Soccer and Kamloops Sikh Cultural Society during my time in Kamloops which have all helped prepare me for this role. Additionally, I have an extensive volunteering history I am equally proud of. 

On October 20th please Vote BILL SARAI for City Council. 


Kathy Sinclair

Kathy Sinclair was elected for one of two open council seats in the Sept. 30, 2017 City of Kamloops By-Election. Her 2018 platform, “Vibrant community, thriving economy, a place for everybody” covers her main areas of concern for Kamloops: active and engaged citizens, more festivals, activities and tourism, economic development and support for small business, and affordable housing, accessibility, and respect for diversity. Since moving to Kamloops in 2011, Kathy has been the executive director of the Kamloops Arts Council and an active volunteer with many other local organizations. Originally from Vancouver Island, Kathy has lived in Victoria, Vancouver, Ottawa, Kelowna, the UK, BC’s Sunshine Coast, Mexico, and Dawson City, Yukon. She’s thrilled to call Kamloops her home. Kathy’s work history includes non-profits, education, publishing and the tech sector. She holds a BA in creative writing from UVic and a Master of Publishing from SFU. Kathy is honoured to serve Kamloops as City Councillor. As part of her role, she serves on the City’s Community Safety Committee and is the City Liaison for the Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association. She is also a director with the Kamloops Airport Authority Society Board.
Website Facebook Twitter Email (250) 299-1203

Arjun Singh

–  City Councillor, 2005-2008, 2011-2018

– Acting Mayor, June – October, 2017

– President, Union of BC Municipalities 

– President, Local Government Leadership Academy

– served / serve on a wide variety of city committees.

–  Helped start Junior City Council and Sustainability Advisory Committee

– MA, Professional Communication. Graduate Certificate, Dialogue, Deliberation

– always open to robust social media, email based, and/or face to face (best) conversations. Especially among people with different views who like and respect each other. 

– enjoys milk chocolate, has run 10 half marathons, and loves all sorts of music.

Website Email (250) 377-1797

Denis Walsh

Denis has lived in Kamloops since 1980 and has raised his family here. He is an active local business person involved in a downtown retail operation and a commercial landlord.

Denis has served as a director on the boards of the original North Shore Business Association, the Kamloops Film Society, Kamloops Central Business Improvement Association, and Kamloops Society for Community Living. 

Denis is currently serving on his second term on Kamloops City Council. He has served on a wide variety of Council committees during his two terms and was recently elected to serve on the TNRD Board of Directors. He currently sits on the Arts Commission, Tourism Kamloops Board, and is the Council representative on the Biosolids Management Stakeholders Committee and Downtown Planning Advisory Committee. 

His main areas of concern are economic stability, quality of life, improving community input and environmental stewardship. Denis believes benefit comes from working together with people of all points of view.

Denis is currently serving on his second term on Kamloops City Council. He strongly believes in meaningful timely engagement, responsible spending and quality city services. He welcomes your questions, ideas, or feedback on any community issue or initiatives.

Website Facebook Twitter (250) 299-5454

Gerald Watson

Forty-one year resident of Kamloops

Practicing Real Estate lawyer since 1995.

22 year Director and past president of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kamloops and Region

23 year member and past president of the Rotary Club of Kamloops

First elected to School Board in 2002 and was re-elected in 2005, 2008, 2011 and 2014

First Kamloops Trustee elected to British Columbia Public School Employers Association board of directors

Actively campaigned for the No-STV side in the last two referendums on electoral change

Watson brings a history of reasoned decision making to the table.

Watson would like to see a core review of City Operations and Services and investment in the Building and Development departments.

(250) 372-8803