Menstrual products are a basic necessity. But if you’re living in poverty – or vulnerable in other ways – access to tampons, pads, cups, or other menstrual products can be challenging. TRUSU supports the Period Promise campaign to reduce these barriers and ensure everyone can equally participate in work, school, and community life. 

Created by the United Way, the Period Promise campaign works to provide free and diverse menstrual products in an accessible manner – in order to achieve menstrual equity, de-stigmatize menstruation and reduce period poverty. As menstrual blood cannot be held in and must be addressed immediately, the provision of period products to people is both a concern for human dignity and the realities of the human body. The Period Promise is an inherent recognition that period products are as essential to hygiene as toilet paper, but those period products are less easily accessed.

The campaign tackles “period poverty;” defined as the lack of access to menstrual products due to financial limitations. Reducing period poverty means supporting menstrual equity so all people who menstruate have access to menstrual products and recognizing that the ability to access these items affects a person’s freedom to work, study, be healthy and participate in daily life with basic dignity. And if access is compromised – whether by poverty or stigma or lack of education and resources – it is in our community interest to ensure those needs are met.

TRUSU supports the campaign by advocating for the provision of free menstrual hygiene products in washroom facilities across campus and the community. 

Visit the United Way’s Period Promise site here for more information! 

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