Why we need to upgrade study space:

As TRU has grown in the diversity of programs and the number of students, the need for more dedicated study space has grown. In fact, earlier this year, you told us study space was a top priority in the Student Budget Consultation. In particular, students are concerned with the availability of space that is dedicated and well managed, particularly for quiet study. They want better designed study space with amenities including comfortable and functional furniture for a range of study tasks; electrical outlets; accessible computers, technology, and software; and food preparation facilities.

What we are doing:

We are excited to partner with the TRU Campus Infrastructure and Sustainability Department to give students like you a voice in improving the study space you rely on! TRU has committed to explore opportunities to renovate or reconfigure existing study spaces and other spaces to create a better experience. This may include purpose-built furniture, sound-dampening, additional electrical outlets, and more. You can help guide those decisions!

How you can participate:

We are hosting a survey to better understand where you study and why, the ways you study, if campus provides the right spaces, and what good study space should include.

Complete the Study Space Survey!

We are also hosting consultations on plans to upgrade study space in specific buildings. Check the links below for updates on building projects and how you can shape the plans!

Study Space Building Projects: