International students have become an increasingly important part of our university community – and of post-secondary education across British Columbia. This trend has provided advantages and opportunities in terms of new perspectives and connections as well as financial and economic impact. But, as with most opportunities, it has presented new challenges. Academic, social, cultural, and service issues have arisen – and we need to face them together to make the most of our international experience.

This project seeks to ensure that we are being thoughtful in our approach to welcoming international students. We want our university to be deliberate and purposeful in seeking and delivering the greatest possible experiences and benefits for international and domestic students as well as faculty, staff, and the broader community. And we want to involve this community in determining what welcoming international students means to us.

International Enrolment at TRU

In order to do that, we hosted an open conversation leading to a discussion paper and then a final report. The report is based on focus group discussions with domestic and international students as well as staff and faculty who teach and provide services across our campus. This led to the interim discussion paper upon which further feedback from individual community members was solicited and incorporated. The report thereby reflects the community’s experiences and ideas about recruitment and enrolment, meeting students’ basic needs, the academic experience, and the cultural and social experience. Further, the report presents the important contributions and perspectives of TRU World on each of the themes identified by the campus community.

Welcoming the World: Report on the International Experience and Vision at TRU

The Final Report concludes the current project, but is intended to serve the ongoing work of the university community to continuously improve the international experience for all. It reflects the current moment in a conversation that we encourage you to continue.

We invite you to consider the issues identified in the report, and raise them in the spaces you participate in TRU decision-making. For more information and support, you can request a presentation and guided discussion for your group using the form below.

The Impact of COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic began as the Final Report was being prepared for publication. Both the pandemic and its after-effects have and will undoubtedly create circumstances very different from those under which this conversation has occurred so far. Our needs and direction as a university community may be altered for some time, and to some extent in a lasting way. Some of the specifics in the report may seem less urgent or even out-of-place now. Nonetheless, this conversation illuminates community values to guide us and valuable lessons to apply both presently and certainly when we can more fully welcome the world once again.

Continue the Conversation – Request a Presentation and Discussion!

  • Request a presentation of the conversation so far, and discuss a comprehensive, community-driven vision to welcome international students as part of our university and community. We will contact you at the email provided to arrange details.