As a club member, you put in a lot of time and effort to build your club and, in the process, develop a lot of skills and experience, but there is no way for you to use that experience officially on a resume or application. That’s why TRUSU has created club certificates to be given to club participants at the end of each year to recognize their participation, work, and dedication. These certificates will be issued by the Students’ Union and can be used to verify your club participation in the future.

To receive a club certificate, you must complete the Club Certificate Application Form below. Once you apply, the Students’ Union will verify your application with your club’s signing authorities. The deadline to apply for a club certificate is November 30th for the Fall Semester, March 31st for the Winter Semester, and July 31st for the Summer Semester. Digital certificates will be produced and emailed once each club’s club leaders have approved the certificate requests. 

Club Certificate Production Timelines


Application Deadline

Fall Semester November 30th
Winter Semester March 31st
Summer Semester July 31st

If you have any questions regarding Club Certificates please contact the Clubs Resource Person