Are you planning a club event? We offer a wide range of services to assist you in this process, check out our list of TRUSU services below! We are here to support you and to ensure that your events are safe and successful. If you require assistance planning an event or have any questions, please reach out to our Membership Development Coordinator at for support.

Grant Funding

Clubs and Campus Groups can apply for grants to support their events. Event Grants are eligible to cover up to $2,000.00 of funding per club event to relevant cover expenses like food and beverages, venues, virtual meeting necessities, materials, supplies, and contracted travel expenses. There are no limits on the number of applications a club can submit per year! To review more information about TRUSU Grants click here or email our Membership Development Coordinator at

Club Insurance

As entities of the TRU Students’ Union, all officially recognized TRUSU Clubs are covered under TRUSU’s general liability insurance. This means that you can organize and partake in club activities and events with the reassurance of knowing that both you and your activities are covered in the case of unforeseen events.

Clubs must at all times ensure that they comply with the insurance policies and procedures of TRUSU. This includes standard regulations against serving alcohol or hosting an event while intoxicated. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions about insurance coverage for your club at

Advertising Options

TRUSU Events Calendar

Want us to share your event out over our social media? Add your event or activity to our online events calendar!

Add Your Event to the TRUSU Calendar

Internal TV Screens

Would you like to add your event to our internal TV Screens? Just submit your file using the form below. Your file dimensions should be 1920 pixels × 1080 pixels. Your file must not be larger than 1MB.

Add Your Event To the TRUSU Screens

Campus Posterboards

There are a number of unassigned poster boards that anyone can post notices and posters on around campus. Check the TRU Poster Board Policy to make sure that you are complying with the postering regulations. Clubs are also able to utilize the poster boards that are dedicated to the Students’ Union.

The Students’ Union also provides clubs with free poster printing through the Club Printing Services

Banner Space

Clubs and campus groups have the option to hang banners advertising their events or activities. There are a variety of banner spaces available in Student Street in the Old Main Building. To hang a banner in one of these spaces’ clubs must book the space with TRU Student Services. Banners can be printed for free through the Students’ Union Club Printing Service.

To book a banner space you simply need to complete the Banner Booking Form.

Campus Newspaper

Clubs can purchase advertising space in the campus newspaper by contacting the editor’s office.

Campus Radio Station

Clubs can have their events and activities advertised on the Campus Radio Station by emailing your event details to