There are a lot of moving parts when planning and executing an event. Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of all of the components you may need in order to keep your events organized and determine what the best practices are. This page offers templates and bylaws all in one place to help ease that process for you. If you need assistance planning an event or are unsure if you are meeting all of the requirements you can also reach out to for support anytime. We are here to support you and ensure that your events are safe and successful.

Grant Funding

TRUSU offers four types of grants in order to support educational activities, conferences, and campus life for TRUSU members. Clubs and Campus Groups can apply for grants in order to support their events. Event Grants are eligible to cover up to $2,000.00 of funding per club event. Eligible events can even be virtual and there are no limits on the number of applications a club can submit per year! The grant funds are available to assist with the cost of food and beverages, venues, virtual meeting necessities, materials, supplies, and contracted travel.

Due to COVID-19 there have been some changes to how, when, where, and if we can hold events. In order to make sure the events you are applying to attend are feasible within current COVID-19 restrictions please ensure you are reviewing the BC Restart Plan Page regularly and that you have reviewed our COVID-19 Updates Page for social distancing information. Grant applications will be reviewed and assessed based on the restrictions and precautions in place in BC for COVID-19 at the time of your grant application until further notice and you will be expected to ensure that your event remains compliant should those conditions change.

To read more about events and review the applications visit our Grant Funding and Applications Page.

Club Insurance

As entities of the TRU Students’ Union, all officially recognized TRUSU Clubs are covered under TRUSU’s general liability insurance. This means that you can organize and partake in club activities and events with the reassurance of knowing that both you and your activities are covered in the case of unforeseen events.

Clubs must at all times ensure that they are in compliance with the insurance policies and procedures of TRUSU. This includes standard regulations against serving alcohol or hosting an event while intoxicated. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions about insurance coverage for your club at