Throughout the year, clubs host a wide variety of ticketed events. This includes everything from cultural celebrations and dances to fundraisers and conferences. The Students’ Union has developed a Club Ticket Sales Service to make that process a little easier for clubs! Clubs who would like to sell tickets for an event can have their tickets sold from the Members’ Services Desk by Students’ Union staff. This means that clubs don’t have to book tables for ticket sales or manage multiple floats and best of all tickets can be sold from 8 AM – 10 PM Monday to Friday! Club members can focus on promoting and planning their event to make sure it is a success.

Setting up Ticket Sales

To set up ticket sales for your club event, contact the Membership Development Coordinator to set up an appointment. It is a good idea to make your appointment well in advance of the date you would like your tickets to begin selling. At the appointment, you should bring the tickets you would like to have sold in numbered order and all of the event details. All proceeds from the ticket sales will be automatically deposited into your TRUSU Club Account. Once your event has taken place your club will receive a cash-out receipt of the number of tickets sold and any proceeds from the sale along with any unsold tickets.