Introduction to Anti-Oppression Workshop


Jan 14, 2021
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


TRUSU Equity Committee

Event Type

This training will provide a beginner’s introduction to equity, diversity, and challenging oppression where participants will discuss:

  • What is oppression and positionality in society?
  • Who are marginalized groups?
  • What is anti-oppression and why does it matter?
  • How you can start practicing anti-oppression in everyday life?
  • Where you can go for support with equity issues in the community?

Learning Outcomes:

At the end of the session participants can:

  • Summarize the concepts of oppression and positionality in society
  • Identify marginalized communities in our society
  • Scrutinize their own positions of power, privilege, and marginalization 
  • Propose strategies for navigating incidences of discrimination or harm when they occur
  • Recall community supports that they can go to for help


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