Open Education Week at TRU

Open Education Week at TRU

The TRU Students’ Union invites you to the first ever Open Education Week events at Thompson Rivers University on March 4-5, 2020!

What is Open Education?1

Open education is a global movement to eliminate barriers – financial, legal, technical, or any other – to make education accessible and impactful for all.

We know barriers to education continue to arise and evolve: $200 textbooks, subscription fees, expiring access codes, and more!

Open education leverages innovation and technology to take back control and return education to its mission of sharing knowledge with others who may then build new knowledge, skills, ideas, and understanding.

By providing free and open access to education and knowledge, students can get materials to help them succeed. Faculty can draw on resources from around the world. Researchers can share data and develop new networks. Materials can be translated, mixed together, broken apart, and openly shared again.

Open education is available, accessible, modifiable, and free.

What is Open Education Week?

Open Education Week was “founded in 2013 by the Open Education Consortium… to raise awareness and showcase impact of open education on teaching and learning worldwide. Open Education Week has become one the most foremost global events recognizing high achievement and excellence in open education.”2

The Students’ Union is proud to bring this tradition of promotion, support, and celebration to Thompson Rivers University. We are presenting a series of FREE workshops and keynote speakers for you to join. Meet local, provincial, and national leaders, learn how free course materials are made, and join the movement to take back control of our education!

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Looking forward to seeing you at Open Education Week 2020!
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1 “What is Open Education” ( by the Open Education Consortium is licensed under CC by 4.0

2 “What is Open Education Week” ( )by the Open Education Consortium is licensed under CC by 4.0


Mar 4, 2020 - Mar 5, 2020 at All Day

University Affairs Committee | | 250.828.5289

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