Safe Water for Aboriginal Communities Panel Discussion

Safe Water for Aboriginal Communities Panel Discussion

Join the TRUSU Equity Committee for a panel discussion about why hundreds of Aboriginal communities across Canada have polluted, toxic, and unsafe water and what we can do to solve this issue and provide safe water to every Canadian!

As of July 31, 2017, [1] there were 109 long-term and 46 short-term drinking water advisories in 107 Aboriginal communities across Canada (not including those in Nunavut, Yukon, Northwest Territories, or communities in the Saskatoon Tribal Council),[2]
stemming from unsafe water due to disease causing bacteria, lead poisoning, uranium contamination, parasites, and other dangerous contaminants. Thousands of Aboriginal people are suffering while right next door predominately non-Aboriginal communities enjoy safe, clean, usable water. 

This discussion will break down how we got to where we are, the negative impacts unsafe water has on Aboriginal communities, and solutions we can implement to provide safe water for all Canadians.

We’re bringing together a diverse panel to share their perspective and knowledge including:

  • Casey Neathway, (Interior Regional Manager of Environmental Public Health Services, First Nations Health Authority)
  • Chief Francis Alec, (Ts’kw’aylaxw First Nation, Pavilion Band)
  • Ruth Johannes Madsen, (Chair of the Thompson Institute of Environmental Studies, Co-ordinator of Amo-Aqua)
  • Lisa Clark, (Drinking Water Engineer, Urban Systems)

All are welcome to attend to learn more or to attend and join the discussion by sharing your thoughts and experiences!

[1] First Nations Health Authority. Drinking Water Advisories. July 31, 2017.

[2] Health Canada. Questions and Answers: Drinking Water and Wastewater in First Nations communities south of 60°. August 21, 2017.


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International Building 1020
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Nov 16, 2017 at 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

TRUSU Equity Committee | | 2508285289

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