Student Caucus Information Session

Student Caucus Information Session

Want to be a student leader? Make real change on campus?

The Student Caucus Information Session will give you all the information you need to serve as one of over 50 student representatives on committees across the university!

The Student Caucus is the student voice in decision-making on campus, and brings together all student representatives on institutional committees, from the Senate to the Board of Governors to Faculty Councils. We ensure that students participate meaningfully in decisions that shape our education!

Attend the Information Session to find out:

  •  Which committee(s) you might be most interested in serving on
  • How much time you would need to commit to your position
  • When the Student Caucus Orientation will take place
  • What issues the Student Caucus will be working on this year
  • How to fill out your application!

Plus, get a chance to meet current Student Caucus leaders to find out first hand about the skills you will develop, networks you will build, and the change we can make together!

Can’t make this information session? Check out one of the other three session times!


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TRUSU Lecture Hall
900 McGill Road


Sep 18, 2015 at 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM

Student Caucus | | (250) 828 - 5289

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