TRU Online Singing Competition

TRU Online Singing Competition

TRU Virtual Singing Competition
Hosted by Chinese Students & Scholars Association
Dept of Entertainment |
About this event
Record a music video along with your singing to participate in this competition. Your music video can include your creativity and personality. You can also tell us a little story about your life under the influence of COVID-19 through creative story-telling and singing. You can also sing your favorite song from movie and combine a short clip from that movie.
We think the following 2 videos are great examples of what we would expect:
• Sing songs from movie:
• Record a music video from home (example):
And obviously, there are many other great examples! Use your creativity. We evaluate your final production based on many perspectives, such as your singing skills and your video creativity!
How to sign-up?
Email with your:
• Official Name
• TRU Student ID Number
• A recent photo of you (and each member in your group)
• Phone number (Please let us know your country code if you are not in Canada)
Please use “Singing Competition” as your subject line.
1. Please notice that whichever way you chose, your music video must have YOU in the video and your OWN singing. Although you may creatively show yourself in the music video, the number 1 requirement is that viewers should be able to identify YOU at some point in the video.
2. Your music video must be edited, and the length is between 4 minutes to 10 minutes. If your video is shorter than 4 minutes (most songs are about 3 minutes, and we want that extra 1 minute to show your creativity.), add something in.
3. Send your edited final music video to by February 1st, 2021 midnight. (You may need to upload to Google Drive and just send us the link. Make sure you grant permission for us to download it.)
TRU Virtual Singing Competition
Hosted by Chinese Students & Scholars Association
Dept of Entertainment |
TRUSU-CSSA will select 10 best contestants to participate in the final competition. The final competition will be a YouTube Live Event. During this live event, we will run all the videos from 10 contestants and audience can vote the best singer based on their own judgement. The final evaluation is based on 2 parts:
1. 50% weight comes from votes from audience (Each vote worth 1 point)
2. 50% weight comes from TRUSU-CSSA judges (Each contestant will be marked out of 5 categories, each category worth 5 points. Those 5 categories are Tone Quality, Rhythm, Pitch, Expression and Video Creativity. In total, each contestant will be graded out of 25 points)
We will select top 3 singers to provide a cash-reward.
1st Prize – $500 CAD
2nd Prize – $200 CAD
3rd Prize – $100 CAD
Please note that if you have more people participating as one group, the cash reward will be given to the group instead of each individual. All cash rewards will be issued as a cheque from CSSA and in Canadian dollars. If you are in a country other than Canada, you can point a person to receive the cheque on behalf. We cannot and will not issue a cheque in another currency.
Final Words
Once you have submitted your video, share our live event with your friends and family, invite them to come over and watch the show, but most importantly, have them to vote for you!
Link to watch the final competition:
Contact US
This event is organized by the department of entertainment, for any questions regarding the singing competition, please contact entertainment department directly.
Phone: 778-652-2066 ext. 906 (PST 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM)

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Jan 22, 2021 - Feb 1, 2021 at All Day

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