2016 Election Results

Voting for the 2016 General Election took place on March 30, March 31 and April 1, 2016 in the TRUSU Boardroom. For more information about the candidates who ran for election and their platforms visit https://trusu.ca/news/2016-election-candidates/ Successful candidates will begin their terms on May 1, 2016.

The unofficial results of the 2016 General Election are as follows:


Chiduuro, Brian SAC 566 Elected
Gordon, Melissa TRYou 473
Jenvenne, Jeremy Keep Your Head Up 58
Vats, Suryansh Nations United 67
Spoiled Ballots 3

Vice President External

Bankal, Yashvini Nations United 229
Storvold, Amber TRYou 537  Elected
Wu, Yingqiong SAC 469
Spoiled Ballots 2

Vice President Finance

Akinsanpe, Oluwafemi SAC 513   Elected
Kaunda, Mwansa TRYou 495
Pujara, Rahul Nations United 216
Spoiled Ballots  4

Vice President Internal

Simpson, Julian TRYou 527
Singh, Gagandeep SAC  709 Elected
Spoiled Ballots  4

Aboriginal Representative

Aleck, James-Dean SAC 613 Elected
De La Ronde, Rochelle TRYou 575
Spoiled Ballots 2

Graduate Students’ Representative

Lobo, Deepti S. TRYou 511
Thakker, Yash SAC  675  Elected
Spoiled Ballots 4

International Students’ Representative

Sehgal, Chandan TRYou  596 Elected
Wislon, Anselm SAC 568
Spoiled Ballots 3

LGBTQ Representative

Orteza, Caitlin  TRYou
Yes  928  Elected
No  274
Spoiled Ballots 2

Women’s Representative

Guise, Briana Nations United 242
Rae, Sierra TRYou 507 Elected
Sola, Omatsoguwa SAC 467
Spoiled Ballots 4

Director-at-Large (4)

Bansal, Sanchit Nations United 296
Bawazir, Aboud SAC 463
Gilbert, Tatiana TRYou 595 Elected
Haq, Humayra TRYou 435
Hickson, Cole SAC 611  Elected
Kadikar, Kshitij SAC 451
 Santamaria, Laura SAC 539 Elected
Singh, Gunveet TRYou 583  Elected
Zaitlin, Michael S. TRYou 483
Spoiled Ballot 3

Voter Turnout – 18.8%