2017 TRUSU election results can be found below. Voting for the 2017 TRUSU General Election took place on March 22 and March 23 in the TRUSU Lecture Hall. For more information about the candidates who ran for election and their platforms visit https://trusu.ca/news/2017-trusu-election-candidates/ Successful candidates will begin their terms on May 1, 2017.

The unofficial 2017 TRUSU election results are as follows:


Eriksson, Mattias PA 137   
Gilbert, Tatiana SAC 468 Elected 
Spoiled Ballots    0  

Graduate Students ‘ Representative

Daramola, Emmanuel  SAC  
Yes  518  Elected
No  43  
Spoiled Ballots  1  

International Students’ Representative

Singh, Simranjit  SAC  
Yes  530  Elected
No 48   
Spoiled Ballots  

Student Caucus Steering Committee Representatives (2)

Kaunda, Mwansa  SAC  
Yes  470  Elected
No 45   
Spoiled Ballots  
Miege-Moffat, Mico SAC  
Yes  348 Elected
No 58   
Spoiled Ballots  

Vice President Equity

Orteza, Caitlin  SAC  
Yes  502  Elected
No 51   
Spoiled Ballots  

Aboriginal Representative

Aleck, James-Dean  SAC  
Yes  512  Elected
No 47   
Spoiled Ballots  

LGBTQ+ Representative

Drozda, Dale  SAC  
Yes  495  Elected
No 53   
Spoiled Ballots  

Visible Minorities Representative

Ur-Rehman, Inayat  SAC  
Yes  485  Elected
No 62  
Spoiled Ballots  

Women’s Representative

Chandi, Saprina PA 238   
Ohama, Emiko SAC 342  Elected
Spoiled Ballots    

Vice President External

Asress, Zeru PA 231   
Hickson, Cole SAC 373  Elected
Spoiled Ballots    

Campaigns Committee Representatives (2)

Hayashi, Brandon  SAC  
Yes 441  Elected
No 39   
Spoiled Ballots  
Mogla, Aanchal    
Yes 351 Elected
No 63   
Spoiled Ballots  

Vice President Internal

Lapointe, Janelle  SAC  
Yes  474  Elected
No 38   
Spoiled Ballots  0  

Entertainment Committee Representatives (2)

Abankwa, Richard  SAC  
Yes  472  Elected
No 39   
Spoiled Ballots    
Gohar, Usra  SAC  
Yes 350  Elected
No 60   
Spoiled Ballots  

Vice President Services

Singh, Gagandeep  SAC  
Yes  505  Elected
No 81   
Spoiled Ballots  

Services Committee Representatives (2)

Bains, Inderpreet  SAC  
Yes  419  Elected
No 58   
Spoiled Ballots  
Gill, Arjun    
Yes 401  Elected
No 61   
Spoiled Ballots  

Voter Turnout – 9.4%