Thank you to everyone who cast a ballot to select the next Board of Directors of the TRU Students’ Union. Voting took place on March 14-16 in the TRUSU Lecture Hall. Voter turnout was 21%

The results of 2018 TRUSU Election are below. 

Campaigns Committee Election Results

Vice President External

Ballots Cast


Hickson, Cole 894 Elected
Lopéz, Paola 717  
Spoiled Ballots  

Campaigns Committee Representative (2)


Ayisa, Obaapa 639   
Kornas, Aria 760  Elected 
Sharma, Siddarth 718   
Warner, Nicholas 823  Elected 
Spoiled Ballots  

Equity Committee Election Results

Vice President Equity

Ballots Cast


Gill, Arjun 655  
Kaur, Gurmanpreet 188   
Rae, Sierra 726  Elected
Spoiled Ballots  

Indigenous Representative



Aleck, James-Dean 822  Elected
Martinez, Josh 672   
Spoiled Ballots  
LGBTQ+ Representative    
Evans, Beckham 803   Elected
Franciso, Gloria 711   
Spoiled Ballots  4  
Visible Minorities Representative    
Gandhi, Yogesh 754  
Mussa, Ibrahim 800   Elected
Spoiled Ballots  
Women’s Representative    
Buckley, Elycia 710 Elected 
Caswell, Paige 660   
Verma, Shilpy 182   
Spoiled Ballots  

Entertainment Committee Election Results

Vice President Internal

Ballots Cast


Nyoka, Patience 727  
Singh, Simranjit 861  Elected
Spoiled Ballots 2  

Entertainment Committee Representative(2)



Andrews, Christian 853 Elected 
Byers, Mackenzie 430   
Deng, Haonan 655   
Gill, Arman 709  Elected 
Spoiled Ballots  

Services Committee Election Results

Vice President Services

Ballots Cast


Bains, Inderpreet 572  
Baker, Samantha 733  Elected
Singh, Joginder 246   
Spoiled Ballots  

Services Committee Representative (2)



Amirali, Kazim 625  
Mujumber, Swagatam 816  Elected 
Taj, Abu 804  Elected 
Spoiled Ballots  

University Affairs Committee Election Results


Ballots Cast


Gilbert, Tatiana 861 Elected
Singh, Gagandeep 743   
Spoiled Ballots  

Graduate Representative



Abdullahi, Fatimah 777 Elected 
Rahman, Shireen 612   
Vasudevan, Marriappan 124   
Spoiled Ballots  
International Representative    
Ojha, Giriraj  850 Elected 
Singh, Damandeep 691   
Spoiled Ballots  
University Affairs Committee Representative (2)    
Comma, Ramatoulaye 628  
Eriksson, Matt 879  Elected
Madamombe, Shammah 639  
Miege-Moffat, Mico 707  Elected
Spoiled Ballots  2