The Students’ Union is pleased to announce the recipients of the Student Caucus Certificates of Recognition. The Student Caucus is the student voice in decision-making at Thompson Rivers University. It is made up of student representatives on dozens of university committees, participating in decisions that shape our campus and our education.

Student Caucus members are volunteers who offer their time and efforts to ensure students’ interests and perspectives are considered through responsible, collaborative decision-making that strengthens the university community. They do this first and foremost by serving as the voice of students at a particular committee – from academic integrity and educational programs to the budget and capital projects. The Student Caucus is also a team, and members meet monthly to discuss common issues, share experiences, and provide a student forum for feedback on major university projects. Finally, Student Caucus members serve as campus leaders by participating in activities such as university Town Halls, consultations, and major events.

This year, the Student Caucus had the additional challenge and responsibility to represent their peers during the COVID-19 crisis, and we are thankful for their commitment and perseverance.

Certificate of Recognition

For the 2019/20 term, the following student representatives fulfilled these roles in support of the Students’ Union commitment to public governance and our values, and have earned a Certificate of Recognition:

Juliana Hazarika

Academic Computing Technology Advisory Committee

Julye-Anne McKenny

Space Management Committee

Rony Busviah

Sustainability Grant Fund Committee

Larissa Costa

Educational Programs Committee

Gevante Dean

Educational Programs Committee/ Capital Projects Planning Advisory Group

Annah Nganga

International Affairs Committee

Filza Raza

Senate Steering Committee

Anna Angelova

Student Success Committee

Sanay Mathur

Adventure, Culinary Arts, and Tourism Faculty Council

Rooprishm Kaur

Student Development Faculty Council

Certificate of Recognition with Distinction

For the 2019/20 term, the following student representatives exceeded expectations in these roles, advancing the cause of public governance and our values, and have earned a Certificate of Recognition with Distinction:

Karishma Dhanani

Landscape Advisory Committee

Navin Jain

Research Computing Technology Advisory Committee

Olivia McKay

Sustainability Grant Fund Committee

Zoya Khoja

Academic Planning and Priorities Committee

Jaspreet Kaur

Academic Planning and Priorities Committee

Anil Kumar

Budget Committee

Rhoda Kamardeen-Azeez

Budget Committee

Dev Shah

Environmental Sustainability Advisory Committee

Aria Appleton

Student Success Committee

Grace Njagi

Teaching and Learning Committee

Nicole Greenstreet

Arts Faculty Council

Kaleena Metcalfe

Science Faculty Council

Amisha Patel

Student Development Faculty Council

We thank all student representatives for their service to their peers and their university, and we celebrate the achievement of our Certificate recipients.

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In these challenging times, the need for student participation in setting the direction of our university has never been clearer. If you are interested in joining the Student Caucus for the upcoming year (starting September 2020), please sign up for updates below.

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