BC remains the only province without a comprehensive provincial system of grants for post-secondary students in need. This means that low and middle income students here must largely rely on loans for financial assistance throughout their studies. As the cost of post-secondary education has continued to rise, livings costs have continued to increase rapidly, and wages have largely stagnated, more and more students need help to pay for their education and student debt levels have continued to increase.

Need-based grants are effective because they are targeted to only those students who have financial need, resulting in more students being able to participate in and complete their education, but also representing a much more efficient use of public funds. Need-based grants also allow students and families to engage in transparent financial planning as assistance is provided up-front, before costs are incurred.

The Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, which makes budget recommendations to the provincial government, has recommended that the BC government investigate the creation of a need-based grants program. Students at TRU strongly support this change to ensure that education is universally accessible.

For more information on the provincial campaign to create a grants program in BC click here.



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