Students Stand with BC Federation of Labour for Fair Minimum Wage

Fight for $15

Over the last few days, the TRUSU Campaigns Committee has been out on campus talking to students about raising the minimum wage for all British Columbians through the BC Federation of Labour’s Fight for 15 campaign.

“Over a half million workers in BC are currently earning less than $15 per hour, placing many of them below the poverty line,” said TRUSU Vice President External Amber Storvold. “This leaves BC with the second highest poverty rate in Canada, resulting in 1 in 5 children in BC growing up in poverty.”

Committee members spoke with hundreds of students on campus about the campaign, answered common questions, debunked myths about minimum wage earners, and collected signatures of support for the campaign.

The committee will send these petitions into the BC Federation of Labour to contribute to the province wide campaign to raise the minimum wage.

Thank you to everyone who signed in support and got involved in raising awareness about the need to raise the minimum wage in BC.

For more information contact:

Amber Storvold
Vice President External
(250) 828-5289
Leif Douglass
Campaigns Coordinator
(250) 828-5289