University and college students in BC are the only students across Canada who are not receiving the support of a provincial grants program. This could soon be changing though, with the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services recommending that the provincial government investigate the creation of a grants program. 

 Grants are a type of student aid that are awarded on the basis of financial need, but unlike student loans do not need to be paid back. This uniquely positions grants to encourage more students to enrol in university or college and to continue through to graduation.

 “Creating a grants program here in BC would make sure that people with lower incomes have the same opportunities for education here as in other provinces,” said Kole Lawrence, Vice President External of TRUSU. “This would also help students who are struggling to make ends meet right now.”

 The Committee also recommended a review of the funding formula for post-secondary institutions in BC, supporting a longstanding recommendation of the TRU Students’ Union.

 The BC Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services tours the province every year to hear and receive presentations from community organizations in order to develop recommendations to advise the government in developing the upcoming provincial budget.

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Kole Lawrence
Vice President External
Leif Douglass
Campaigns Coordinator