Hungry for Choice campaign launches at popular campus food truck festival

On Wednesday, September 21, the Student Caucus launched its Hungry for Choice campaign to a crowd of hundreds of students, faculty, and staff enjoying a taste of what variety and options in campus food could offer. The campaign calls on TRU to take immediate action to introduce competition to campus food services to provide campus community members with consumer power over food price, quality, variety, hours, and more.

“We are pleased to partner with great local food business owners to deliver not only a great campus life event, but also a strong message,” said Michael Zaitlin, Chair of the Student Caucus, “It’s clear that the campus community has an appetite for more diverse food providers.”

The event, which started before and continued during the TRUSU Movie Night, featured a range of menus from vendors including Eats Amore, A&D Dogs Etc., Cookshack Cravings, and Lakeside Concessions and Mini-Donuts. While eager customers lined up to get their orders, Student Caucus members collected petition signatures in support of the call to make competition between multiple food providers a permanent feature of the campus experience.

“The response to the campaign is very enthusiastic,” Zaitlin continued, “Students, faculty, and staff alike are frustrated by the lack of choice provided by the exclusive food service contract on campus, and they want change sooner rather later.”

The Student Caucus will carry the momentum from the campaign launch to gather further petition signatures from across campus. To join the call, sign the petition online!

For more information, contact:

Michael Zaitlin
Student Caucus Chair
Alex McLellan
University Governance Coordinator