On Wednesday, November 28 at 7pm the City of Kamloops held a consultation to receive feedback from residents on budget priorities for the upcoming year. The TRU Students’ Union facilitated 12 students from across disciplines to give their feedback on issues such as economic development, transit, waste disposal, and other areas.

“We were really happy to bring diverse perspectives from students who are from here in Kamloops, around the country, and other parts of the world to help set priorities for the city,” said Cole Hickson, Vice President External of the TRU Students’ Union. “Many students at TRU continue to live and work in Kamloops after completing their studies so this is a great way for students to help set the direction for the future of our city.”

Departments in the City of Kamloops will consider the feedback they received and there will be a second public meeting in early February to share final details on any supplemental items added into the budget.

For more information on the City of Kamloops 2019 Budget Consultation visit https://letstalk.kamloops.ca

For questions or other information contact:

Cole Hickson
Vice President External
250 828 5289

Leif Douglass
Campaigns Coordinator
250 828 5289