This September will be unlike any other and many students are experiencing new and unique housing concerns and issues. Many students have reached out to us over the past few months seeking information and or help with their housing situation. We have heard a wide range of questions such as “When should I come? Should I sign a lease? Can I break my lease if I need to? I think I am being evicted soon can you help?” and more.

We are committed to making sure students have the best information and support we can provide in order to make the right decisions for them about where they live. Below you will find information about a number of services that can support you if you experience issues with your housing situation.

Members’ Advocate

The Members’ Advocate serves as a guide. This is someone who can listen to your concern and either answer your questions or point you in the direction of the appropriate resource to help solve your problem. Where a housing concern is relatively simple or you are simply seeking additional information, the Members’ Advocate can assist you in preventing or resolving your issue. Where a housing concern is more complex, the Members’ Advocate can assist in connecting you with the appropriate community service to support you.

Click here to contact the Members’ Advocate.

TRU Community Legal Clinic

Thompson Rivers University Community Legal Clinic (TRU CLC) is the first student-staffed free legal clinic in the BC Interior. The students work under the guidance of a team of supervising lawyers to provide legal assistance and advice in a range of areas to those who would otherwise be unable to afford legal assistance. Students with residential tenancy issues involving a private landlord (students not living in a TRU Residence) may contact the TRU Community Legal Clinic. TRU CLC will generally be able to represent TRU students at all stages of a residential tenancy dispute, including dispute resolution hearings.

Students are encouraged to contact us as soon as they encounter difficulties with their landlord, as we may be able to resolve the issue before a landlord files an eviction notice. To book an interview with TRU CLC, call (778) 471-8490. For more information about the TRU Community Legal Clinic see:

Elizabeth Fry Legal Clinic

Where a TRU student lives is a TRU Residence, TRU CLC is not currently able to assist them. We suggest students contact the Elizabeth Fry Legal Clinic, who have agreed to assist students in such matters whenever possible. To book an interview with the Elizabeth Fry Legal Clinic, call (250) 374-2119 (ask for the legal clinic) or email For more information about the Elizabeth Fry Legal Clinic see:

Housing issues can feel overwhelming, but remember that you are not alone and that together we can work through your issue and help you to find a solution. Don’t hesitate to contact one of the services available to you above.