Nobody should have to pick between feeding their family and being able to afford basic hygiene products. But nearly 1 in 4 Canadian women have struggled to buy period products for themselves or their children.

The TRU Students’ Union is pleased to join the Period Promise campaign by the United Way to help vulnerable people live with the dignity we all deserve. “Being able to take care of your menstrual hygiene needs is critical to equal participation for women in work, school, and society,” said Vice President Equity Brandon Hayashi. “Joining the United Way to minimize this participation barrier for vulnerable women on campus and in our community is an excellent opportunity to advance the conversation and fight for women’s equity,” he continued.

Join us between March 2 and 13, 2020 by helping to provide period products to those in need throughout Kamloops. You can get involved by:

“With your support we can make a real difference for vulnerable women in our community. Thank you to the United Way for organizing the Period Promise campaign and a huge thanks to individual people like you who are making positive change happen in Kamloops,” Hayashi concluded. 

For more information contact:

Brandon Hayashi
Vice President Equity
Dylan Robinson
Equity Coordinator