Are you interested in exploring educational opportunities outside of the classroom, or even off campus?

Conference attendance grants can cover any eligible expenses up to $1000 per person and $5000 per group. These grants exist to cover registration fees, accommodation costs, and travel costs for students looking to broaden their knowledge base and sense of community in conference settings, but it should be noted that they do not apply to organizational membership or food and beverage costs.

We have historically provided funding to a plethora of students seeking to enhance their university experience through engaging and illuminating colloquiums. 

In order to be eligible for conference grants, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Be cognizant of any upcoming application deadlines, since all applications must be reviewed by the Board of Directors before the conference for approval. Additionally, any individuals included within the application should be registered in at least one Kamloops campus course in the current semester (the conference in question cannot take place more than one semester in the future). Because Conference Attendance Grants are intended to supplement knowledge outside of the classroom, the conference may not be required for the completion of your course or program. 

Members of your group cannot have received uReap funding for any research related to the conference in order to be eligible.