Are you searching for learning opportunities outside of your regular class schedule? TRUSU is dedicated to providing students access to novel and informative academic events in a variety of areas on campus.  From lectures, to conferences, to workshops, Educational Activity Grants are capable of covering eligible expenses up to $5000 per event. These eligible expenses include food and beverage costs, entertainments or talent expenses, sounds and production costs, venue expenses, as well as material and supply costs. 

In order to be eligible for Educational Grants, the applicant must demonstrate how exactly the event works to advance one of TRUSU’s strategic priorities (ie., advancing the interests of students, empowering students to participate as engaged citizens, supporting students in meeting their personal needs, supporting students in meeting their professional and/or educational aspirations, or fostering life on campus). Additionally, it is helpful to keep application deadlines in mind, given that the Board of Directors must review and approve all applications before the event takes place.  It is important to note that applicants must also demonstrate need (funding is reserved for activities, not fundraisers), and they may not have previously received a TRUSU Grant for this specific event or activity. Finally, it is necessary to have a TRU faculty or staff member endorsing or supporting your application.