Voting in the 2019 TRUSU General Election took place from March 18 to March 22 at 2:00PM. Thank you to everyone who put their names forward as candidates and congratulations to the winners. 

The results of the election can be found below. Voter turn out was 21%. 


Campaigns Committee

Vice President External

Kole Lawrence  (Progressive Student Advocates) 1174   Elected
Brock Morford (For the Lulz) 326    

Campaigns Committee Representative (2)




Manuela Ceballos  (Progressive Student Advocates) 1327 175 Elected
Ali Mulji  (Progressive Student Advocates) 1146 288 Elected


Entertainment Committee

Vice President Internal

Mackenzie Byers (Progressive Student Advocates) 1009 Elected
Tylor Pater  (For the Lulz) 193  
Robert Younger  (Alliance) 442  

Entertainment Committee Representative (2)



Henry Albuquerque  (For the Lulz) 306  
Paras Luthra  (Progressive Student Advocates) 769 Elected
Tek Nath  (Alliance) 274  
Kunwar Rajdeep  (Progressive Student Advocates) 573 Elected
Idan Yacobovitch (Alliance) 527  


Equity Committee

Vice President Equity

Brandon Hayashi (Progressive Student Advocates) 823   Elected
Zach Poba-Nzaou  (For the Lulz) 293    
Dominika Zhevno  (Independent) 488    

Indigenous Representative




Lesley Campbell  (Progressive Student Advocates) 1347 158 Elected

LGBTQ+ Representative




Dallas Odsen  (Progressive Student Advocates) 1264 221 Elected

Visible Minorities Representative

Deepinder Bal  (Independent) 521    
Earl Balageo  (For the Lulz) 271    
Elma Masiha (Progressive Student Advocates) 805   Elected

Women’s Representative 

Mackenzie Francoeur  (Progressive Student Advocates) 953   Elected
Sukhpal Kaur  (Alliance) 613    


Services Committee

Vice President Services

Andrew Sahaydak  (Alliance) 693  
Sajeesh Soman  (Progressive Student Advocates) 814 Elected

Services Committee Representatives (2)

Jessica Guthier  (Progressive Student Advocates) 975 Elected
Dipak Parmar  (Progressive Student Advocates) 681 Elected
Tristan Semeniuk  (Alliance) 486  


University Affairs Committee


Fraser Barclay  (Alliance) 503  
Ndumiso Makunura  (Independent) 369  
Sierra Rae  (Progressive Student Advocates) 752 Elected

Graduate Representative

Olumide Adewole  (Progressive Student Advocates) 946 Elected
Paul Oke  ( Independent) 521  

International Representative

Hemanth Anil  (For the Lulz) 282  
Sravani Kakuru  (Alliance) 260  
Raj Soni  (Progressive Student Advocates) 905 Elected

University Affairs Committee Representative (2)

Aria Appleton  (Progressive Student Advocates) 808 Elected
Navin Jain  (Alliance) 408  
Shanta Sharma  (Progressive Student Advocates) 677 Elected
Shruthi Veeramanchala  (Alliance) 453