There’s no better time to try something new than the start of a new decade. And with the return of the 20s, nothing is more appropriate than Swing Dance! Kevin Bronnimann, a founding member of the TRUSU Swing Dance Club, explains that Lindy Hop – a style of Swing Dance – started in Harlam, New York in the 1920s/30s. Lindy is a vernacular style of dance, meaning it is an informal street dance that supports spontaneity, improvement, and – most importantly – fun! Lindy is rooted in African American culture and music, particularly jazz music, and provided an outlet for the intermingling of people from different cultures and races during a time when segregation was a standard.

On-campus we have the TRUSU Swing Dance Club to encourage students to join and learn to Lindy! The club aims to engage students in the swing community and promote the development of community connections. One major event hosted by the TRUSU Swing Dance club is the “Swingin’ into Spring Workshop.” The TRUSU Swing Dance club into its fourth year, partnering with the Lindy Hop Swing Dance Society, will be held from March 20-22. This workshop includes 2 days of lessons on March 21 & 22, including beginner and intermediate classes taught by two renowned Vancouver Swing Instructors. Not just that, there will be two dances, one of which is a live band dance that allows attendees to experience an authentic Lindy Hop Swing Dance. The workshop will conclude with a social event for all the attendees. To make the event more accessible for students, an entire weekend pass for students will cost just $100. For more information on the workshop and other TRUSU Swing events, you can visit their Facebook page at TRUSU Swing Dance Club.