Yesterday, the TRUSU Equity Committee was out in Old Main speaking to the campus community about the UN’s Let’s Fight Racism campaign to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We were happy to engage dozens of students, faculty, and staff in a conversation about the unconscious biases that influence how we perceive and treat different races of people, how those stereotypes harm racialized communities, and how each of us can challenge stereotyping in our everyday lives.

Download a copy of the takeaway material

The Committee also distributed a takeaway material that answers some frequently asked questions about racial stereotyping, describes how folks can get involved and take action to challenge stereotyping, and connects folks with campus and community organizations who are tackling these issues head on. If you weren’t able to drop by our table in OM, you can click below to download this material and use it as a resource to learn more and challenge racism in your everyday life!

Click here for more information about the UN’s Let’s Fight Racism campaign.

For more information, contact:

Caitlin Orteza
Vice President Equity

Dylan Robinson
Equity Coordinator






About the Committee

The TRUSU Equity Committee is a group of eight elected and appointed students who work to raise awareness about the systemic oppression of marginalized communities in society, and to challenge that oppression on campus.