The TRUSU Graduate Students’ Collective is hosting two Graduate Student Development Workshops! These workshops are free to attend and open to all graduate students and prospective graduate students. The event will take place on Friday October 3rd in the TRUSU Building.

Data Management WorkshopGrad-workshop-image

10:00AM – 11:30PM in the TRUSU Board Room
Presented by:
Dr. Mila Kwiatkowska & Frank Pouw

Data collection and analysis can be an overwhelming task. The aim of this workshop is to give graduate students and others involved in data collection the skills to make this process easier. This workshop will address such things as:

  • What standards for file naming and metadata to use
  • What repository to deposit data into
  • Critical components of data management planning
  • Helpful data management resources

Upon completion of this workshop, individuals will have the skillset to better navigate the world of data management and be able to develop an effective data management plan.

Feel free to bring data sets that you are currently working on to the workshop to get some help!

Breaking the Patterns of ProcrastinationTime Mangagment

12:00PM – 3:00PM in the TRUSU Lecture Hall
Presented by:
Alex Abdel-Malek, MSW

Is procrastination getting the best of you? If you find yourself chronically putting things off, having a hard time getting started, or a hard time finishing things, this is the workshop for you–Learn how to procrastinate less and get more things done! This lively workshop involves a combination of lecture style and active participant discussions / exercises.

Specifically, you will learn about:

  • the “why” of procrastination–understanding the factors that drive and maintain the cycle of ‘stuckness’
  • the psychology of avoidance and how to not get hooked in
  • a variety of effective, concrete strategies to help you put a major dent in procrastination patterns

Alex Abdel-Malek, MSW, RCC, is a psychotherapist and professional educator devoted to the question of how meaningful choices affect our health and wellbeing. A passionate clinician, educator, and speaker with 20 years of experience in the field, Alex has taught at many leading educational institutions, including SFU, UBC Robson Square, BCIT, City University, Vancouver Community College, and Mount Royal University. He is well known for his dynamic, engaging, and professional presentations which give participants depth of knowledge paired with practical strategies for meaningful living. A

Alex provides training and consultation to organizations on a range of clinical and wellness related topics. He lives and works in Port Moody, Greater Vancouver, where he runs a teaches and runs a full-time clinical practice.