The TRUSU Equity Committee is looking for your feedback on introducing inclusive washroom signage for Trans and differently-abled folks in the Students’ Union Building!

TRUSU currently has three washrooms in the Students’ Union building which everyone is welcome to use: a multi-stall washroom that has a sign for “women,” a multi-stall washroom that has a sign for “men,” and a single-stall washroom with no signage.

All three of these washrooms meet BC’s building code accessibility requirements for differently-abled persons and they are welcome to use any of the three washrooms that they’d like.

Trans folks are also welcome to use any of these washrooms. If they feel comfortable using the washrooms with signage for “women” or “men” then they can use those facilities, and/or if they are uncomfortable using these gendered washrooms they are welcome to use the non-gendered single-stall washroom.

However, the lack of washroom signage for this single-stall washroom has resulted in confusion among people using the Students’ Union building about what that space is and who it is for. We hope to eliminate this confusion by adding signage to the washroom door.

The TRUSU Equity Committee has set three goals for this signage:

  • To clearly identify the single-stall washroom as a washroom
  • To clearly identify that the single-stall washroom is accessible for differently-abled folks
  • To clearly identify that the single-stall washroom is accessible for Trans folks

The Committee has short-listed three signage options from the best practices of other institutions and organizations and is seeking your input. Please comment below with your thoughts and feedback. In particular, keep in mind the pros and cons for each option with respect to our three goals.

Your comments, feedback, and identity will be kept confidential within the Equity Committee to help us implement new signage and will not be shared with anyone else.

Signage Options

Option #1:


Option #2:


Option #3:


This feedback form is now closed. The Equity Committee is reviewing all of the feedback provided and will present a report to the Board of Directors during the Fall semester. 

For more information, contact:

Caitlin Orteza

Vice-President Equity

Dylan Robinson

Equity Coordinator