Today, as part of International Womens Day 2016,  members of the TRUSU Equity Committee were out on Campus talking to students about Violence Against Women and the things we can all do to take a stand against it. Thanks to all of the students who came by and took a photo pledge!

Couldn’t make it out to the table? Check out a list of ways that you can take action against violence against women in your everyday life below.

How Can I take Action?

1. Take action against online harassment and abuse

What happens online is everyone’s business. Online harassment and abuse has serious real-world consequences for victims. Help create online spaces that are inclusive and supportive of women by reporting abusive and bullying comments immediately through to site administrators or moderators.

2. Volunteer or donate to support the Kamloops YMCA-YWCA Women’s Shelter

Violence against women isn’t just a personal issue; it’s a community issue. The Kamloops YMCA-YWCA provides safe refuge for women and children fleeing physical, psychological, and sexual violence through the Y Women’s Emergency Shelter. By volunteering or donating, you can help continue providing a life-saving service to women escaping dangerous situations. Visit to find out more

3. Educate your friends and family about violence against women

Violence against women continues to be a problem because many people are unaware of what it is or are afraid to speak out about the issue. The only way to change this is through talking about Gender Violence with our friends and families. Use the social media tools provided by organizations like UN Women through the #HeForShe campaign to get your friends and family talking about Gender Violence. Visit to get started.

4. Donate to international efforts to eradicate the sources of violence against women

Gender Violence is an international crisis exacerbated by poverty, conflict, and a lack of education. Make a donation to an organization like Amnesty International or Plan Canada who work to provide educational, economic, and legal empowerment for women and girls in developing nations. Visit or for more information.

5. Help support survivors of violence against women

If you or a friend are victimized, contact one or more of the resources below to get help:

The Office of Student and Judicial Affairs provides support for victims of gender-based violence on campus including referrals to counselling, medical, and police services if needed. Contact Evan Hilchey, TRU Director of Student and Judicial Affairs for more information:
Website | 250-371-5738 | | Old Main 1631

The Kamloops Sexual Assault and Counselling Centre provide support and counselling for victims of gender-based violence as well as referrals to medical and police services if needed.
Website | 250-372-0179 | | #601 – 235 First Avenue, Kamloops, BC

If a victim is comfortable coming forward and reporting a crime, then they should contact the Kamloops RCMP to report a crime by calling 911 or by contacting the RCMP Reporting and Victims Services Department.
Website | 250-828-3000 | 560 Battle St, Kamloops, BC

If a victim requires medical services, then you should contact Kamloops’ Royal Inland Hospital by calling 911, or by contacting the RIH Emergency and Sexual Assault Response department.
Website | 250-374-5111 | 311 Columbia Street, Kamloops, BC