Recent and long-standing issues of racial discrimination have focused TRU’s attention on the inequitable treatment of black, brown, Indigenous, Asian, and other racialized communities. Community institutions like TRU have a responsibility to examine our own role in this mistreatment and use our power and privilege to make progress on these issues.  

Interested students are invited by the Provost and VP Academic Dr. Christine Bovis-Cnossen to apply to join a task force to create a series of recommendations to the TRU executive to address racism on campus and improve the experiences of racialized people. This small group of students, faculty, and staff will meet regularly over the next few months to develop these recommendations by the end of the year with ~3 hours of work and meetings a month. Anyone with an interest/passion in addressing racialized equity is invited to apply particularly those who have lived experiences as black racialized people. 

Help ensure our community upholds its values of respect and fairness for all! Apply to join the task force using the form below.  

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For more information contact: 

Mackenzie Francoeur

Vice President Equity 

Dylan Robinson

Equity Coordinator