On January 9, TRU released the latest draft of their Sexual Violence Policy for your feedback. This policy is intended to respond to, and combat against, the growing issue of sexual violence on university campuses. The Sexual Violence Policy outlines the rights and responsibilities that all members of the TRU community have and the process by which complaints of sexual violence are investigated and resolved.

 The TRUSU Equity Committee has been participating in this policy’s development since September and is happy to report that this latest draft is a great one for students. This draft has an excellent definition of sexual violence, a strong commitment to sexual violence prevention education, and a good balance between the rights of victims of sexual violence and those accused of committing acts of sexual violence.

 Because this policy will guarantee a new set of rights and responsibilities that all members of the TRU community will be accountable for, it’s important for you to have your say! Visit the TRU website to read the policy draft and provide your comments, concerns, or feedback before January 20, 2017. The draft will be reviewed to incorporate your feedback and then go to the February 3, 2017 TRU Board of Governors meeting for discussion.

For more information contact:

Sierra Rae
Women’s Representative
(250) 828-5289
Dylan Robinson
Equity Coordinator
(250) 828-5289

On February 3 you can tune in at 11AM to watch the livestream of the Board discussing the policy below.

Watch live streaming video from livetru at livestream.com