Since May 1, the Board of Directors and committee volunteers have been hard at work planning activities and initiatives for the upcoming academic year. On May 21st, in a four hour long Board of Directors meeting, Board members had the chance to look at the first draft of proposals from the Equity Committee, Campaigns Committee, Entertainment Committee, University Affairs Committee, and the Services Committee. 

59 proposals were approved covering a wide variety of activities from events and new service initiatives, to campaigns on and off campus. We are really excited to see all of these proposals roll out for students over the coming months. Check out a few of the highlights of the meeting below! 

The Equity Committee has a number of plans to raise awareness for a variety of marginalized communities, including the 8th Annual Pride Parade, an event educating on the diversity of Indigenous languages, and a new event taking place from an international supporter, Amnesty Write for Rights.

The Campaigns Committee will continue to provide recommendations that reflect student priorities for both the provincial and federal budgets. Additionally, the committee will engage students in political conversation that interest them through facilitating meetings with various politicians and leaders, as well as help students participate in the upcoming federal election in October.

The Entertainment Committee plans to host a number of annual events, including the Back-to-School BBQ, Clubs Day, Last Class Bash, the Outdoor Movie Night & Food Truck Festival, and new this year, have included in their plan a HolidayFest event.

The University Affairs Committee will continue work on a number of key campus issues with priorities of building relationships with faculty and administrators across campus. The committee will work to ensure that students have a meaningful voice and are accurately represented across the university through the Student Caucus. Additionally, the committee will work with facilities to improve study space areas, and plans to build upon previous successes with improving access to affordable textbooks and course materials.

The Services Committee will be implementing improvements for the Common Grounds Coffee Shop after review of the Common Grounds survey taken previously this year. The committee will also work to conduct a review of infrastructure and operations and upgrade existing building services, as well as introduce new U-Pass opt out improvements.

Having received feedback from the board on their proposals, the committees will work to build plans for implementation. Be sure to check back throughout the summer as we provide updates to members about the planning process. Want to learn more about our plans for the coming year? We encourage you to attend any of our summer Board of Directors meetings! Click here for a complete meeting schedule. 


For more information, please feel free to reach out.

Sierra Rae
TRUSU President