Each year, the Students’ Union hosts the Student Budget Consultation to ensure students have a voice in shaping our university.

Your budget priorities and service expectations are gathered through a comprehensive survey and a Town Hall. Priorities and recommendations are compiled in a report and presented to university administration and decision-makers for consideration. That means that your concerns are built into budgeting and plans – right from the start!

The Student Budget Consultation offers an opportunity to not only identify students’ priorities for future improvement, but also to recognize and celebrate the ways in which TRU excels, improves, and responds to the needs of students.

This article is part of a series recognizing excellence, improvement, and responsiveness to student concerns at TRU. 

We are pleased to recognize the following areas for improvements in student satisfaction, particularly as a result of initiatives to respond to students’ prioritization and recommendations in previous Student Budget Consultations.

Transportation Alternatives 

Transportation alternatives are critical to advancing the university’s priority of sustainability as well as providing students with affordable and functional access to campus. Students identified parking and transportation alternatives for improvement in every Student Budget Consultation Report for the years 2016/17 to 2020/21. 

The City of Kamloops and BC Transit launched live bus-tracking in the summer of 2018 and added 7,200 service hours in September 2018. Student satisfaction with cycling, walking and transit facilities had the greatest increase of any item last year (1.45/3.00 in 2018 and 1.96/3.00 in 2019). 

The university has developed a transportation webpage to help the campus community make informed decisions about commuting to and from campus, including alternatives such as the Zip Car and Rideshare programs. Student satisfaction with the Zip Car increased since its launch last year (1.46/3.00 in 2018 to 1.66/3.00 in 2019). Student satisfaction with the Rideshare similarly increased (1.34/3.00 in 2018 and 1.51/3.00 in 2019). 

On behalf of our members, the Students’ Union offers appreciation and congratulations to the officials and staff of the City of Kamloops and BC Transit as well as the staff and administration of the Office of Sustainability on improvements to transportation alternatives. 

Food Services 

Food is a critical part of the university experience, from well-being and success to diversity and campus life. Students have identified food services for improvement in the Student Budget Consultation Reports for each year from 2017/18 to 2020/21. 

The Food Services department has worked since 2017 to address students concerns by, for example, permitting food trucks, providing greater dietary information, expanding options, extending hours, and providing more timely service. Efforts have begun to pay off as student satisfaction with food services increased substantially over the past year (1.22/3.00 in 2018 to 1.43/3.00 in 2019). 

On behalf of our members, the Students’ Union offers appreciation and congratulations to the staff and administration of Food Services, on successful efforts to improve the dining experience. 

Academic Advising 

Academic advising is a foundational service, facilitating students’ selection of meaningful educational goals and planning efficient paths to program completion and graduation. Students have identified academic advising for improvement in every Student Budget Consultation Report from 2015/16 to 2019/20. 

Enrolment Services and advisors across the university have responded with both systemic reform and front-line service improvements. Efforts have consistently paid off as student satisfaction with academic advising has increased in each of the last four years (1.63/3.00 in 2015; 1.66/3.00 in 2016; 1.82/3.00 in 2017; 1.85/3.00 in 2018; and 1.95/3.00 in 2019). 

On behalf of our members, the Students’ Union offers appreciation and congratulations to the staff and administration of Enrolment Services, as well as faculty and staff program advisors, on continued successes in improved service. 

Student Budget Consultation

To learn more about how students’ opinions and experiences are reflected at TRU, visit the Student Budget Consultation page.

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