Health and Dental Referendum Notice

The TRU Students’ Union will be holding a health and dental referendum on February 9-11, 2016 in the Lecture Hall in the Students’ Union Building. The referendum resolution is to determine whether or not to include International Students on the TRUSU Extended Health and Dental Plan.

Referendum Resolution

The referendum resolution will be as follows:

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Be it resolved that International Students be added to the TRUSU Extended Health and Dental Plan at a cost of $248 per plan year


Voting YES to this resolution means that you are in favour of including International Students on the Students’ Union’s Extended Health and Dental Plan.

Voting NO to this resolution means that you are opposed to including International Students on the Students’ Union’s Extended Health and Dental plan.

A minimum of 20% of the membership (approximately 2,000 people) must vote on the resolution in order for the referendum to be valid.

Referendum Timeline

Action Date & Time
Referendum Campaign Period Begins January 11, 2016
Referendum Polling February 9, 2016 8AM – 4PM
Referendum Polling February 10, 2016 8AM – 8PM
 Referendum Polling February 11, 2016 8AM – 8PM (Extended)*
 Referendum Polling February 12, 2016 8AM – 4PM (Extended)*
Results Posted Online February 12, 2016

*In order to accommodate any students that may still wish to cast a ballot, the electoral committee has extended the voting period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this change the fees that I pay?

If you are a domestic student this will not change the fees that you pay. If you are an international student this will add a $248 Health and Dental Fee once each year.

Is this the same as MSP?

No. MSP is a fee that you pay to the provincial government to cover basic medical needs such as going to the hospital or seeing a doctor. An extended health and dental plan covers the medical services and supplies not covered by provincial healthcare. For example any prescription medications, dental, vision, ambulance rides, chiropractors, massage therapists, and more.

If I have already purchased private insurance coverage can I opt out of the TRUSU Health and Dental Plan?

Yes. If you already have comparable coverage you have the ability to opt out of the TRUSU Health and Dental Plan. You will have to provide your plan information and submit an opt out prior to the opt out deadline.

Who can vote in the Referendum?

All students currently enrolled in a class at TRU in Kamloops are eligible to vote in the referendum.

What do I need to vote in the referendum?

In order to vote in the referendum you will need your student card or a piece of photo identification and your student number.

What happens if less than 20% of students vote in the referendum?

If less than 20% of students vote in the health and dental referendum the decision is not valid and no changes will take place. Referendum requirements are laid out in the TRUSU Bylaws. Click here to look at a copy of the bylaws.

Contact Information

More questions? For more information about the referendum please contact the Electoral Committee via email at