Entrepreneurs drive change through innovation creating new products and markets. By following their passions, they create opportunities, ensure social justice, instill confidence, and stimulate the economy. The Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (I.C.E) Club works to guide students who want to create a business, make social change, and enable and inspire their creativity in these endeavors. The TRUSU Services Committee reached out to I.C.E Club Leader, Gabrielle Mayhew to learn more about the goals and objectives of the club and the opportunities they provide for their members.

The TRUSU I.C.E Club is in its second full year of operation and has continuously engaged club members through workshops, socials, events, and support for all students who want to learn more about turning their passion and ideas into a career. The TRUSU I.C.E Club helps to provide opportunities for students to harness their skills in order to succeed in their own entrepreneurial ventures upon graduating from TRU. Mayhew says, “Confidence is the most important skill an entrepreneur can have, and we are here to help members find theirs. Our Club is here to guide students on their journey in finding themselves, embracing their passion, and discovering their future.”

The I.C.E Club provides this confidence and a broad skillset through opportunities such as the first Business Plan Competition, where they host workshops on topics like, becoming an entrepreneur, public speaking, and creating an elevator pitch. “At this event, students present their business idea to a panel of judges and the top three winners receive a monetary award,” continued Mayhew. They hope to continue this competition each semester for its members, with the first competition being held in March 2020.

Other opportunities include a weekly “Hack Session” where students can work together on their individual projects and get feedback.  The Club also has guest entrepreneurs or business professionals who host lectures and workshops in the Club’s meeting space, TRU Generator.

Mayhew concluded, “If you have a passion, this is the club for you. We are here to help you transform your passion from a hobby to a career. If being innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial appeals to you – come check us out.” You can get connected with the TRUSU I.C.E Club at iceclub@trusu.ca.