Have you been to the Common Grounds Coffee shop? If so, this is your opportunity to give feedback regarding your experiences at Common Grounds! 

This year, TRUSU Services Committee is excited to announce its first food service review of the only student owned and operated coffee shop on campus, Common Grounds. Common Grounds has been operating for over 8 years now and continues to provide flexible hours for student employees, fair living wages, and affordable food and beverages to all students, faculty, and staff. 

“As TRU conducts its Food Service Consultation, the Students’ Union also wanted to conduct a review of our own food and beverage service”, said Samantha Baker TRUSU Vice President Services. 

This review will consist of a campus wide survey and a focus group. The survey will allow the Students’ Union to reflect on participant’s food and beverage experiences on campus and the operations of Common Grounds. Further, the focus group will allow us to get more accurate feedback with regards to our food and beverage products. 

“As the only student owned and operated service on campus, when conducting our review, we want to ensure that students have a voice in shaping their university coffee shop,” said Baker. 

The TRUSU Services Committee will then use all data collected to make recommendations to the Board of Directors on future changes to the Common Grounds Coffee shop. 

Complete the survey and be entered to win 1 free drip coffee for a year, beans from our provider Bean Around the World, or Common Grounds tee-shirt and mug!  

For more information contact:

Samantha Baker
Vice President Services
Cassandra Ring-Hall
Services Coordinator

Click here to complete the survey!