On February 9-11 we are asking you to vote yes in the Health and Dental Referendum because we believe that International Students deserve the same access to affordable healthcare that domestic students have.

International Students pay astronomically high tuition fees and sometimes this can leave them with little to spare when unexpected health costs come up.Health and Dental Infographic

Sadly, the current TRUSU Health and Dental Plan only provides coverage for Canadian Students. Going to the dentist, optometrist, chiropractor, or getting prescription medication can mean an international student is paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars out of pocket. Adding International Students to the current TRUSU Health and Dental Plan would reduce stress for many international students and ensure that they don’t have to choose between proper health care and completing their education.

In order to add International Students to the TRUSU Health and Dental Plan we need members (domestic and international) to vote YES on February 9-11.

Together we can ensure that international students have equal access to affordable health coverage!

Join the Yes Campaign

The YES Campaign for the Health and Dental Referendum is being organized by the TRUSU Services Committee. Want to get involved? Help spread the word? Email services@trusu.ca to find out more and join our team!

For more information about the Referendum generally click here.