The TRUSU Equity Committee wants YOU to book a digital training with us for your campus or community organization! After being launched this Fall, the committee has engaged over 100 community members in meaningful conversations about equity, diversity, and inclusion. We’ve helped break down the stigma and awkwardness around important questions like: 

  • What is oppression and positionality in society? 
  • Who are marginalized groups? 
  • What is anti-oppression and why does it matter? 
  • How you can start practicing anti-oppression in everyday life? 
  • Where you can go for support with equity issues in the community? 

We’ve been pleased to assist clubs, non-profits, businesses, and other organizations to introduce concepts of equity and give them the confidence to continue learning about the diversity of communities in Kamloops. Here’s a sample of some of the feedback we’ve received about these training sessions: 

“I loved the passion that the [facilitators] had, and I liked the amount of self-reflection that this training made me do.” – TRU Residence Advisor participating in our August 24th training 

“I believe that the Arts are better when a diversity of people participate in them – that’s how we get really cool art! This training helped give me some new perspective on communities I’ve never really encountered before.” – Kamloops Arts Council Artist participating in our September 22nd training 

“Our staff really liked discovering this online tool to assist with hosting inclusive events and activities. We have been discussing how we could maybe incorporate it into our event planning to ensure that everyone feels welcome participating in the work we do.” – City of Kamloops Staff member participating in our September 16th training 

Booking a community equity training 

 If you’d like to book an equity training with the Equity Committee click the button below! There you will find more information about the training modules, and a booking form to express interest. All campus and community organizations are invited to book at a time that’s convenient for you.  

Book an equity training today! 


For more information contact: 

Mackenzie Francoeur 

Vice President Equity 

Dylan Robinson 

Equity Coordinator 


About the Equity Committee 

The TRUSU Equity Committee is a group of eight elected and appointed students who work to raise awareness about the systemic oppression of marginalized groups in society, and to challenge that oppression on campus.