Student Course Evaluations – Every Course, Every Time

We are excited to announce that, starting this semester, student course evaluations will be available for every course, every time!

This is an important milestone in a long and challenging effort. It has been many years since TRU first made the commitment to provide students the opportunity to evaluate every course, every time, and many individuals and departments on campus have worked to made this commitment a reality.

We strongly encourage you to take the opportunity to complete a course evaluation for each of your courses this semester.

Student course evaluations provide a meaningful opportunity for students to provide our instructors with feedback. They are critical in helping instructors continuously improve their teaching, and for students to have a voice in the most important part our university experience – learning.

How to Complete Your Course Evaluations

Student course evaluations will be available to complete in the last three weeks of the semester – March 21 to April 08.

Course evaluation surveys will be accessed in your MyTRU account. Links to the surveys for each of your courses can be found under the “Student Resources” tab. However, each evaluation survey is protected with a unique password.

Your instructors are responsible for facilitating your participation in evaluations. Each of your instructors must provide time in class for you to complete the evaluation. They will provide you with instructions and the password to the evaluation survey for their course. You may use your smart phone, laptop, or tablet. If you need a device, let your instructor know. You will have 48 hours to complete the evaluation.

How to Resolve Issues

If you encounter issues, you can contact the following people for help:

  • For issues regarding your MyTRU account, contact Information Technology Services at or 250.852.6800.
  • For issues regarding access to a course evaluation survey, contact the instructor for your course.
  • For issues regarding the course evaluation survey itself, contact Institutional Planning and Analysis at

If your issue is not resolved by any of the above or you aren’t sure who can help you, please contact the Student Caucus at

How to Help Make Course Evaluations Better

We recognize that, while this is an important milestone, there will be more to do to make student course evaluations work well for all involved.

The Student Caucus will continue to work with others across campus to ensure course evaluations are accessible for students to complete, allow you to provide meaningful feedback, and result in real efforts to improve teaching.

In order to do that, we need your help. Please provide any feedback on your experience with student course evaluations to the Student Caucus at

Thank you,

Melissa Gordon


Melissa Gordon