Course Evaluations – We Need Your Feedback!

Congratulations on finishing this semester!

Over the last three weeks of class, you should have had an opportunity to complete an evaluation of each and every one of your courses.

Student evaluation of every course is a critical first step to creating a university where instructors can continuously improve their teaching and students can have a meaningful and valued voice in their own learning.

But this semester was just the first round – we need your help to build course evaluations to their full potential.

Give us your feedback to help make course evaluations:

  • Accessible for students to complete
  • Ask you for meaningful feedback
  • Result in real efforts to improve teaching
  •  And more!

Please take a few minutes to tell us about your experience with course evaluations this semester. We greatly appreciate your feedback and will use it to work with the university to make your experience better and to make your voice count.

Course Evaluations Feedback Form

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