The Students’ Union is excited to announce the release of the Final Report on the Food Services Consultation. The report, which concludes a campus consultation over this semester, provides short, medium, and long-term recommendations that promise a better dining and campus life experience.

The review was supported by the TRU Board of Governors in December 2017 in response to the Hungry for Choice campaign. The campaign presented the Board with 1,691 petition signatures requesting a food service consultation. The campaign highlighted the important connection between food and the campus community in terms of health and wellbeing, academic performance, cultural diversity, and a vibrant campus life.

This report reflects the important role community engagement plays in a strong university. The Students’ Union appreciates the willingness of the Board and work of administration to listen, and is proud of the campus community for participating so enthusiastically in this work.

The review was overseen by a stakeholder committee and conducted by Porter Khouw Consulting (PKC), a firm with many years of experience in university food service. Throughout the fall, PKC conducted a site visit, stakeholder interviews, focus groups, and a survey. An overwhelming 2,815 survey responses were received. After considering all the data and feedback, PKC has now made a series of recommendations:

Short-term recommendations (immediate)

  • Expand the number and variety of food trucks
  • Add seating and more variety in existing food service spaces
  • Expand retail offerings in additional spaces – possibly operated by an independent owner/company
  • Extend the hours of operation at centrally-located retail locations
  • Expand menu offerings to include more breakfast items

Medium-term recommendations (2-5 years)

  • Consider putting in a small dining hall of about 7000 sq. ft. into the current Bookstore location

Long-term recommendations (5-10 years)

  • If TRU builds a student services building, it should consider whether or not the facility could include a retail dining venue
  • If TRU does not build a student services building, it should consider building a large, centrally located dining hall
  • Offer “anytime dining” in a dining hall with amenities and meal plan options

Recommendations such as more food trucks, increased variety, and longer hours in the short-term reflect what students have shared in the Student Budget Consultation over the last three years – and a dining hall will serve the campus well in the long-term.

This is both the end of a review and the beginning of exciting changes. With the report delivered, the work of the university and food service provider to respond to the recommendations will begin in the new year.

To see the full Food Services Review Final Report, click here.

For more information, contact:

Tatiana Gilbert
Alex McLellan
University Governance Coordinator