Student Budget Consultation First Reponse

The Student Caucus is pleased to announce the first commitment to act on a recommendation from the Student Budget Consultation Report 2017/18.

“We have been working to ensure that TRU responds meaningfully to the input students have provided through the budget process,” said Mwansa Kaunda, Student Caucus Chair, “Today we are happy to share the first results to improve the student experience.”

Students identified classrooms as a priority area for improvement. One recommendation was to ensure classroom equipment and technology meets teaching and learning needs.  Under the leadership of Associate Vice President, Digital Strategies, Brian Mackay, the Information Technology Services Department has committed to respond.

The IT Services Department will “undertake a comprehensive review of classroom technology to ensure that it aligns with usage and needs and develop a plan for equitable distribution, including the removal of old equipment.” Specifically, they will:

  • Continue to lease rather than buy all classroom technologies to ensure the latest equipment is available;
  • Leverage feedback from the 2016 Faculty Technology Use Survey to ensure the right equipment is in the right classroom;
  • Begin replacing equipment to modernize connectivity options (i.e. HDMI)
  • Remove any obsolete equipment, and;
  • Investigate new wireless display options to let faculty and students connect various mobile devices to projection equipment (i.e. Smart TV, Apple TV, WiDi, or Microsoft Wireless Display)

These changes are expected to improve the functionality and ease of classroom technologies, and support a better learning environment.

“The leadership IT Services has demonstrated with this plan is very encouraging,” Kaunda continued, “We look forward to receiving further commitments from other TRU departments responsible for students’ priorities.”

To stay up-to-date on all of TRU’s responses to your priorities, check out the Student Budget Consultation webpage!

For more information contact:

Mwansa Kaunda
Student Caucus Chair
(250) 828-5289
Alex McLellan
Governance Coordinator
(250) 828 – 5289